innovate your Practices

Drive Efficiency In Your Offices with Voice AI

Let’s be honest, new innovative tools and processes can be time-consuming and affect your bottom line. With Bola AI, Increase Revenue instantly with effortless deployment and Zero IT downtime, and innovate your practices with the most advanced Voice AI Assistant on the market.

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Optimize workflow for your practices which leads to higher productivity. On average our offices save 3-5 minutes per patient with assisted charting and realize a significant increase in SRP treatments and revenue.


Bola AI is the next step for innovating your practices within your portfolio. How are you trying to get a leg up on your competitors? What tools are you giving your offices that can make their lives easier? Bola AI is the next software that will benefit your practices.


With Bola’s solution, experience Zero IT time and automated self-clinician onboarding, with strong scalability. All of that in a fully HIPAA-compliant solution.