"touchless" patient charting

Data Assistant Add-on

Transferring and analyzing data is a tedious task, let Bola automatically help you produce reports for your patients and finish another daily task quicker and more efficiently.

5-minute set-up; same-Day Patient Charting

Automatically connect to your PMS and EHR software in real-time. The simplest product you’ll ever onboard.

Flexible to your clinical workflow

Our software customizes to the flow of your offices charting.

Easy Integrations

Seamless and powerful integrations with PMS and EHR softwares.

Live Customer Service Walk-through training

Get up and running in minutes with our easy-to-use software and premier customer service.

99% accuracy

Never miss a beat with Bola’s high-accuracy speech software. It even works at high accuracy with accents.

No more going to find an assistant

We turn a two-person job into one. That way your assistants can focus on patient care and efficiency.

Staging and Grading

Staging and Grading identifies the presence of periodontal disease as well as how quickly the disease is progressing. It is a time consuming task that requires the clinican to navigate around the practice management software to collect all the data necessary to accurately assign both a stage of disease and its speed of progression. The stage and grade can be almost entirely determined by Bola AI with only a few clicks right from the perio chart page.

Periodontal Index

The Periodontal Index is a patient education tool. Most patients stuggle to understand the periodontal findings. This tool explains the periodontal exam in a way to facilitate meeting the patient at their health literacy level with no additional work from the hygienist.